Inkmap is specialised in managed services for publishers and service providers using collaborative authoring platforms.
Combining the advantages of cloud technology with the security of dedicated servers, publishers can work from anywhere with their assets secured in one place.

We Know Your Business

Inkmap was born out of years of experience working with publishers and hosting publishing systems. These projects include self-publishing platforms as well as intranet solutions customised for specific workflows. All these projects have in common that they were built as web applications with a browser based interface.

Benefit from the Cloud

Our hosting provides you with automated container deployment, scaling and load balancing on a cluster. In short: all the benefits of cloud technology will benefit your business. Combining the best of the cloud and dedicated servers, your data will never physically leave the secure cluster we provide on dedicated servers.

Well Guarded Data and Privacy

Your business is hosted on a highly secure private cloud, physically located in Germany. Your data and work is therefore guarded by Germany’s stringent privacy regulations. Germany has one of the strongest policies among the strict data privacy regulations of the European Union (EU).


We provide hosting for a variety of publishers’ tools related to hybrid book, journal, report and document production. Over the past years, many interesting open source projects in this sector have surfaced. By providing a shared hosting environment for many of these solutions, we hope to also spark synergies behind the scene, in the developers’ world.


Booktype allows authors to create beautiful books for print and digital distribution. Publishers use Booktype to manage their entire catalogue in one place, providing their team, authors, translators and proofreaders with all the tools and collaboration they need.


Pubsweet is a modular framework for building applications for knowledge production. The installation contains the pubsweet-backend with a clean API to clients and the pubsweet-frontend for frontend apps defining the platform use.


Ink is an API. It provides an extensible step-based framework for file conversions as a first use case, but is intended to be a more generalised framework for all kinds of steps needed when preparing materials for publication.